Series 1700 light

Hover over me Lightweight materials
Hover over me Not suitable for moist areas
Hover over me Suitable for quiet applications
Hover over me Partially suitable for deep freeze applications

Application area

Internal transport of small materials as well as use for assembly machines or packaging machines. Suitable for implementing gravity roller conveyors.


The use of precision ball bearings, Technopolymer bearing housings and seals result in very quiet running.

Lateral loading

The tube ends are rounded, thereby allowing materials to be easily moved on from the side. Axial forces are removed through ball bearings and seals.

Small roller pitches

Small roller pitches can be implemented by using rollers with a diameter of 20 or 30 mm.

Robust construction

To achieve a high axial load capacity, particularly of bearing housings, ball bearings and seal, the bearing housing is not only pressed into the tube for the versions with metal tube, but also flanged. The bearing assemblies of the PVC tubes with a diameter of 30 mm are secured not only with a press fit, but also with an internal press-in edge.